git operation

1. Start a project

$ git init #project name

2. if you have key for download, copy the project from github or other git

$ git clone #link

3. if not, assign a key to your account

$ ssh -keygen #account domain name

4. copy the key to Github

$ xclip -sel clip #key

5. connect github on your local computer

$ ssh -T #website, e.g.,

6. copy your project folder to the github project folder and add them all to github, if the folder is large, it can takes some times

$ cd #git_projection
$ git add .

7. log on git using your account name and password

$ git config --gloabl #your accound name

8. commit

$ git commit -m #log of comments, e.g. "compiled result"

9. check the commit results

$ git log

10. upload the changes

$ git push

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